Tier One: You will receive three watermarked images for free. These images are yours to keep. And of course, you may also use any image that you see on social media outlets. There are no alteration options for these images (I cannot modify them for your specific needs). If you require non-watermarked images for posters or other advertising, I will provide the three images for $20.

Tier Two: You can choose to purchase more images at $20 per image (or six for $99). If you require non-watermarked images for posters or other advertising, I will provide those for the images you have purchased (and for the free images you have received) without charge. There are no alteration options for these images.

Tier Three: I take photos for the run of show, including stage access (and backstage if requested). You will receive all processed images with watermarks; any images are available without watermarks on request. If you have specific “looks” or color palettes in mind, you are invited to share your ideas with me and I will work to accommodate. If desired, I can make alterations on up to ten photos. Examples of alterations are limited resizing, changing the color palette or other image fundamentals, or conversion to/from black/white; options may be limited by the particulars of the image. Additional rework is negotiable. The fee is $200.

Non-concert rates:  My typical rate is $60/hour, door to door.  There may be additional charges related to specialty equipment, depending on the shot requested.


Wow, you’re so cheap! Why are you so cheap?

I have the luxury of a day gig that pays the bills and pays for a nasty lens habit! I also have a strong commitment to the local artist and understand the power of good advertising.

Dude, you know we just made $100 for the five of us from this last gig, right?

I do know, dude! That’s why I offer different levels of pricing – including a free tier designed to help the local artist. You get the flexibility to decide how I can meet your needs – work a few gigs then hire me for the full run, pick a few images and pay a la carte, or pick up some freebies here and there.

How can I choose photos?

I will give you access to your proof images via this website. You make your selections and I will either email directly (if just a few images) or create a Google Pix folder and link you to your finished images.

How many pictures do I get with Tier Three?

It depends on the length of the show. A thirty-minute set usually produces fifteen to twenty optimal images. An hour long set usually produces thirty to forty optimal images. And, all the watermarked photos will be in your folder to download and use as you wish.

What sort of pictures will I get?

I strive to get a variety of shots of all members of the band. I also try to include a couple of full stage shots of everyone, with everyone visible in the shot. I let the images guide me as to the processing; most are color, some are black and white. Some have altered palettes from the original lighting. Some will be intentionally grained and some will be intentionally smoothed. Some will have objects or people removed digitally to enhance the intended subject of that shot. I’ve been told I have a good eye for line and composition. I also am open to your design aesthetic!

I like this picture, but I want to crop it/want it in ecru/no, not tan/need it to be more METAL, etc.

If you’re tier three, you’re golden! Tiers one or two? If you REALLY have an image you’ve got your heart set on, contact me and we’ll see what we can do.

FaceGram/Instabook/Twiddly/etc. cropped off your logo. Is that OK?

No, not really. But I know that there are specific formats that social media accepts. The best thing is always tag me in the photo – if it’s a platform I’m on, I’ll come see you and you get some love to boot!

Can I take your image and alter it?

If I can take your metalcore song and make it into Muzak, sure! (Please don’t alter my artwork. Please.)

What format are the images in?

They are downloadable in full-size JPGs. For Tier Three, if you have another format requirement, let me know.

How do I get nonwatermarked images?

Email me and I will create them for you. I will also include instructions for giving me credit on the intended source material.

So we want to do this thing! What do we do?

Simply contact me and let me know what you’re looking for, your date(s), and what pricing tier interests you. If I’ve already been to one of your shows (you’ll see me. I’m the dude with the camera (grin)), it’s likely you’ll get some images sent to you already!

What else do you do?

I have some design experience for print advertising and am willing to work with select bands on branding and messaging. This would be a much more intensive relationship and will depend on my time availability.